MARCH 30, 2021

Do recent cyber attacks have you worried about your own security? Are you operating on a "shoestring" budget? Or overwhelmed with the amount of security tasks that need done?

Join this Summit and Learn Updated, Effective Strategies in a Simplified Way - No Fluff, no Filler

I've hand selected the world's best Cybersecurity and Network Defense strategies from experts in Small and Medium-Sized brands I've worked with and invited them to share their success stories. At this summit you'll learn these and a ton more:

  • How equipping your employees with knowledge about attackers methods makes them less vulnerable
  • Methods to effectively manage vendors and suppliers to reduce security risks
  • How Small and Medium-Sized businesses can implement controls and strategies that harden security and make them harder targets than large enterprises

The Summit Will Take You Step by Step Through:

  • How to build smart, risk-driven, successful security programs
  • Security awareness campaigns that will actually make a difference in employee behavior
  • The types of attackers targeting small and medium businesses and what you can do to turn them away
  • Choosing reliable vendors and third-party partners who you can rely on being secure
  • A strategic cybersecurity roadmap for small and medium businesses that is both affordable and effective
  • And much more...

This is the best collection I've ever compiled of lessons and strategies for small and medium businesses

Get a chance to have your security program analyzed by eye and my team

The pass gets you instant access to 6 full lectures of actionable security strategies.

Featured Sessions


Angela Hill

Founder at Jadex

1:00 PM EST

How Small and Medium Businesses Are Being Targeted Because of Their Customers

To help people understand my past role at the CIA, I refer to Tom Clancy's character "Jack Ryan". Ya, I was like that guy, minus being an actual operator. I had the honor to serve with the best of the best and worked global intelligence operations for over a decade hunting the “bad guys”.

Today, I own an amazing organization focused on helping people transform how they work and improving organizations security maturity to enhance their security posture or meet regulatory requirements.

Jadex Strategic Group (JADEX), is a woman-led Veteran, LatinX technology company focused on: 

Sandor Slijderink

Cybersecurity Professional

2:00 PM EST

My experience in information security, and information technology, goes back 30 years (1989) working with Bulletin Board Services (BBS) and 600 baud modems; to T1 enterprise fiber networks, complete with load balancing and firewall appliances (and software).

During my career I have held various positions including fiduciary board level seats.

The details of my professional path covers everything from enterprise networks, full cloud deployments, migrations and architecture including risk management frameworks such as NIST.

On a regular basis I make it a point to help out my colleagues in any way I possibly can, ranging from basic understanding to supporting goals and decisions.

Gabriel Friedlander

Founder at Wizer

3:00 PM EST

I founded in early 2019 with a mission to make basic security awareness training free for everyone. Since then Wizer has been rapidly growing with over 6000 organization who signed up for our free training. And in 2020 we partnered with several local counties to offer free Citizen Training. We believe that in this day an age, security awareness should be a basic human skill.

Prior to founding Wizer I was the co-founder of ObserveIT (acquired by ProofPoint) , a company specializing in the detection and prevention of insider threats. I am also the co-author of the book, “Insider Threat Program: Your 90-Day Plan”. For more than a decade I have researched insider threat and trained numerous organizations on how to avoid and mitigate the risk it poses. 

William Price

Founder at CyberX

4:00 PM EST

An Affordable Cybersecurity Roadmap For Small & Mid-Sized Companies That Actually Stops Criminals

 I provide affordable cyber security solutions to small and medium sized businesses, small and medium enterprises, non-profits, and other organizations. I improve their IT Security by offering Managed Security Services.

I target organizations that need improved security but don't have the budget to support an enterprise level. I work with these companies to create a security solution that is both affordable and effective. In today's world of ever increasing cyber threats where small businesses are targeted more frequently, it is vital that these companies have IT Security systems in place. Statistics show that nearly half of small companies that suffer a cyber breach never recover. 

Nick Espinosa

CIO - Security Fanatic

5:00 PM EST

Methods & Strategies for Ensuring Vendors and Third Parties Don't Become Your Cybersecurity Weakness

For over 25 years, Nick has been on a first name basis with computers. Since the age of 9 he’s been building computers and programming in multiple languages. Landing his first IT job at age 15, Nick founded Windy City Networks, Inc at 19 which was acquired in 2013 by BSSi2. In 2015 Nick created Security Fanatics, a Cybersecurity/Cyberwarfare outfit dedicated to designing custom Cyberdefense strategies for medium to enterprise corporations. 

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90% of Small Businesses Do Not Adequately Invest In Their Cybersecurity, a KEY Business Vulnerability 

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